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    Before Treatments: “From the time Thomas was 6 years old he suffered from migraines, insomnia, leg cramps, inability to concentrate, intestinal hyperness, nail biting, and chronic hives. Thomas suffered from hives for about three years. He was unable to eat most foods. We tried everything we could think of to help him: conventional medicine (no help there), homeopathy, herbal treatments, chiropractic, and foot reflexology.”

    After Treatments: “After his first treatment he was free of hives for the first time in three years and almost all of his other symptoms were gone too. We are so grateful for these allergy treatments!” — Cheryl



    Before Treatments:“Before I received my sensitivity treatments I could never seem to feel ‘normal.’ Over the past few years I had gone from being able to eat anything to dreading a night out with friends. I knew that I only had about an hour after eating before I would feel the terrible pains in my stomach and the need to vomit. I also could not seem to feel rested. Even if I had a night of full sleep I would wake up feeling stiff and tired. Usually follow­ing one of my restless nights my muscles would seem to feel tight and burn.”

    After Treatment:“After sensitivity treatment, I am pleased to say that I no longer fear eating out. I enjoy my meals because I know I won’t have to worry later. I have also been able to go months without any sleep disturbance. During the day I rarely feel tired or depressed. I feel like I have regained my life!”— Nicole E




    Before Treatment:“I have always sensitivity to certain foods. But as I became older I started having symptoms of tongue swelling, rash (in face), my throat closing and terrible bloating. It had gotten so bad that I was afraid to try any new foods. I just stuck to the basics but still would respond with ill health and discomfort from nearly everything.”

    After Treatment:“ Within weeks of starting treatment, I had started putting back in my diet foods that I had been avoiding. I have not used my inhaler, my EpiPen, or Benadryl since I had my 1sttreatment. No more bloating and GI discomfort, my skin itches less and no more rashes. I would recommend this treatment for everyone regardless of how severe your symptoms are.” — Sandra C


    Before Treatment:“Approximately two-three years prior to coming to my treatments, I was diagnosed with food allergies. The symptoms I had were: 1) Gastric dumping – which was beginning to affect my health. It did not matter what I ate, 30-45 minutes later my body would eliminate the foods in the form of gastric dumping—uncontrollable diarrhea. 2) Pale-to-grayish skin tones. 3) Difficulty getting out of bed every morn­ing. 4) After working every day – no energy to do household chores, even cooking a meal. 5) Not able to wear costume pierced earrings without my ears becoming infected and bleeding. 6) Not able to breathe through my nose. 7) Stuffy nose – was told my nasal passages were full of allergens.”

    After Treatment :“1) I no longer have gastric dumping – I have normal bowel elimination now. 2) Just after 3-4 treatments I began to feel better and was looking forward to the next treatment. I noticed I had more energy and was feeling better and better after each treatment. 3) I get up quicker and have energy to do daily house­hold chores. 4) Everyone tells me that they notice my skin tone has more natural color and my eyes are not dull or appear sad as before the treatments. 5) I now can wear the cheapest pair of costume pierced earrings all day without any problems. 6) I feel more lively and have been told by others they have noticed this about me. 7) My nose is not as stuffy and I can breath. I highly recommend that if anyone has or think they have food allergies, or other allergies, to give these treatments a chance.”— Linda M.


    Before Treatment:“I was in pain all the time. There were days I couldn’t leave my house and could barely get out of bed. Nobody really had a handle on the root cause so treatment suggestions varied widely. I tried many things I read about online: Xango juice, ruby reds, etc. Some of them would give some relief, but only temporarily. After a while, anything I tried would fail me. What bothered me the most was that my life had changed so drastically and there were so many things I loved to do that were long longer possible.
    “I was extremely skeptical when I first [heard] about the SET-DB treatment. I knew nothing about the treatment, but was skeptical merely because I’d tried so many things before. [Then] I went to a presentation. When I heard the philosophy and the procedures involved, I was sure I wanted to give it a try.”

    After Treatment:“My life has been given back to me! I have no fibro pain at all anymore and I rarely even take a nap during the day, let alone sleep all day. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you enroll in this biofeedback sensitivity treatment program right away and start finding relief. Why? It’s simple—you will get your life back!”

    Note :Melanie was also an asthmatic. She was able to greatly reduce her inhaler use but didn’t write about it because we asked her to write about her experience with our fibromyalgia treatment program. Fibromyalgia patients have their sensitivities eliminated, just as patients who go through the asthma program.— Melanie T.

    Before Treatment:“Sleep: 3 hours at a time, sometimes only 3-4 hours a night; groggy in the mornings, difficult to rise; sleep during the day, especially in the afternoons. Activity: Chronic fatigue, periods of laying on couch most of the time; couldn’t cook dinner or go to the store. Migraines: A way of life, was taking “triptans” 2-3 times daily, OTC’s not helpful at all; frequency of migraines was daily for most of the month. Bladder: frequency and urgency about every hour to hour-and-a-half at most; planned everything around restrooms. Sore Throat: chronic sore throat, hoarse after any singing, unable to sing with projection, wondered if I’d ever be able to sing like I used to.”

    After Treatment:“Sleep: All night long, 7-8 hours, wake up at 6:30 or 7:30 ready to get up and go, excited about the day; rarely sleepy in the afternoons. Activity: Normal, walk for 35-40 minutes most days, able to cook dinner most evenings, actually enjoying it for the first time in years. Migraines: Reduced to headaches, about one every few weeks, no nausea at all now. Bladder: much improved, can go 2-3 hours or longer, no longer focused on restrooms, I consider it normally functioning now. Sore Throat: no sore throat, able to sing again, back in choir.”— Kathy C.

    Before Treatment:“After 2 years of extreme pain, fatigue, etc., I was diagnosed with neurofibro­myalgia. I had seen 5 doctors trying to get to the cause of my suffering. My primary doctor had given up. I had severe facial pain, headaches, tooth­aches, depression, and I was tired all the time. I had horrific nightmares.”

    After Treatment:“I feel so much better! My test results found I was allergic to so many things. My nightmares are gone and I sleep so much better. The fatigue is greatly diminished, I’m not depressed anymore, mostly because the pain isn’t wearing me down! The Allergy Center was the first place to give me hope. I recom­mend them highly. The treatment is painless and effects are immediate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! — Kittie F.


    Before SET-DB:“My daughter was 6 months old when I began to feed her solid foods. I was careful to feed her only the baby foods that I prepared for her at home. When she was 6 months I noticed that her cheeks would break out in terrible eczema on occasion. I took her to the doctor and he told me that it was probably food allergies and that I could put cortisone crème on her cheeks when they got really bad. Because I had been giving her a variety of different foods, I had trouble pinpointing the specific culprit(s) of her allergies. I was also uncomfort­able putting steroid crème on such a young baby.”

    After SET-DB:“When my daughter was 10 months old I discovered the ‘Tucson Biofeedback.’ After her initial testing we learned that she was sensitive to bananas, tomatoes, citrus, peanuts, and eggs. She was treated her for these foods. We noticed a difference almost immediately. The eczema on her face cleared up and we began to give her all of the foods that she had been treated for. We were so excited to see that she could eat them without any adverse reactions. She is now 18 months old and we still testify to a clear and beautiful complexion!”
    — Melina W.

    "May 30th: My husband actually found Anna through a local deal and as a finale quest to help me find my health suggested we do it together. I have suffered from Fibromyalgia and CFS most my life, having been diagnosed at the age of 16 (living with it far before diagnoses) and have always been told by medical professionals that I just had to come to terms I'd always been sick and that as I aged it would become worse. I have done my best (off and on) to sustain a healthier life style as far as what I ate, How I slept, and exercised. I have found this to become even more draining on my mind then the disease itself is and harder and harder to keep up on. I recently have hit a brick wall and have been at my worst since I was originally diagnosed. So I gave my husband the thumbs up and we went and visited with Anna. I could not be more blessed to have found her and her knowledge. Though I am just beginning this life time journey of healing I am beyond excited once more for life and looking forward to becoming my once vibrant self. The scan is incredible with all the information it provides and the idea it paints out for you to fully understand where your body is in need and Anna did an amazing job not to overwhelm us with information and started us out on a very simple change of food/diet and supplements to start the healing process! I can not express enough how excited I am for this adventure! I would highly recommend this to everyone even if you do not have huge issues as myself because life really should be about the best of ourselves and it starts on the inside (Literally)!! Loves to all .


    July 17th 2014: I truly can not thank you enough for all you have done and I thank God everyday for allowing us to find you and for helping me try and become the wife, mother and woman I've always longed to be.

    August 15th 2014: The D3/K2 you recommended from my body's preference on the Biofeedback Scan arrived yesterday so I started the d3/k2 and man did it boost my energy within moments lol. I also have been trying to find the right words to tell you how much all this means to me and nothing seems to be significant enough to say just how grateful I am not only to have found you but also for all you have done and continue to do for me! It is priceless to feel the comfort of someone else in your corner especially during this process of healing! You mean so much to me and my family!!

    "August 25th 2014: "My energy is beyond words..I think my brain moves faster then my body knows what to do anymore lol."

    September 15th: "My energy level has been off the charts and I can not explain to you what a difference it has made in my life as a mommy and wife. My body is finally keeping up with my head lol!! I hope you are well and again I think about you daily and what a true blessing you have been to not only myself but to my entire family! Thank you will never be enough."
    ~ Sincerely, MJ

    "I've been taking the supplements from my scan along with the castor oil for about a week now. I have to say I haven't felt this good in a long time. My mood is better, I wake up refreshed and get out of bed without hitting the snooze and I've lost a little bit of weight, although it could just be water weight. I'm working on making an appointment with the naturopath that you suggested. Thanks for all the info that you gave me. It has really helped!" ~ Annie E

    "I moved around quite a bit eventualy landing in Nashville. Trying to find myself and figure out who I am and deal with wounds that I had no idea were insude of me.

    I eventually moved back because my mental health was not good enough for me to live on my own any longer. Instead of feeling better and more secure my issues just got worse. I began to have self harming thoughts, which scared me because I hadn’t had suicidal thoughts or actions in over 5 years.

    Although my family and friends knew I wasn’t doing well they had no idea how bad I was….. I didn’t feel like I could share any of this with anyone because it was so painfu and I didn’t want anyone to freak out any more than they already had.

    December 30th Anna called me out of the blue, we had been friends for a while but hadn’t talked in a long while. I don’t even rememebr what she said all I know is that day I had felt so low I didn’t even know what I was going to do, she called me at the exact time I had been praying for someone to rescue me from this pain.

    I began to go through her coaching program and instantly began to heal….. I am still in the healing process but I am now recognizing many of my dangerous subconcious behavior that I did not see before. She is teaching me how to deal with the deeply rooted issues that I have never even recognized before. We are never too old or too young to be Transformed " ~ Kelcie

    "I've really appreciated Anna's help during my healing journey! When I found her, I already knew a good bit about better eating habits and food as I have been suffering from Thyroid and Autoimmune issues. But, she helped me take things to another level, in that she deals with the body as a whole--body, soul, and spirit. She introduced me to the Brain Detox program by Dr. Caroline Leaf, and that really propelled my emotional healing from some recent trauma in my life. She is such an encouragement and helps people see things in a different way. Her healing session and thoughts from that--specifically for me--added even more to my healing journey recently. She is able to listen with discernment that some practitioners do not have. Thank you, Anna!" ~ Stephanie

    "I would highly recommend Anna if you truly want to improve your well-being and quality of life. Anna is such a knowledgeable, kind, and nurturing soul. She has helped me immensely to improve my health and unblock emotional issues that had been plaguing me for years and contributing to my Thyroid and Autoimmune condition. The biofeedback scans were highly accurate and gave me a whole new undertaking o f my body and what it needs. The scans uncovered several health issues and we are now working together to resolve them in a natural way. I feel like a new person. I am much more in control of my destiny and my health, and love the way I look and feel now. This is in large part to the Biofeedback Sessions and coaching from a very gifted woman (Anna)." ~ Heather

    "My husband was facilitating a major deal for a client, and it was a huge amount of stress and pressure He woke up having heart attack/panic attack symptoms. It was agony trying to take a breath, he was unable to move around and in pain and discomfort at a 10 level. I knew he needed an emergency Session and took action immediately. 1/2 way through his session he began to gain vitality and more energy, breathing easier with each inhale. As the day progressed he became stronger and by the day's end his pain that was at a 10 that morning receded to a 1. Since his session he was able to move and process the energy and physicality of the manifestation with total ease and clarity.

    Energetically much was cleared out of his life that was closing in on him so to speak opening up a totally new space and path with joy and ease. Physically, his entire state shifted into well-being. Since that session literally EVERYTHING has shifted an moved into such alignment in our lives and business with total ease. These sessions are beyond powerful and can not only address the deep aspects of our Soul, Cells and DNA but also immediate physical issues. Forever Grateful" ~ Maria

    "Anna is an amazing, caring, compassionate healer. She helps get to the root cause of the issues you are experiencing and allows you to BE who you are meant to be and LIVE how you are called to be." Dr. Jen

    "Anna, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience a session with you. The healing session not only raised my vibrational frequency, it also caused positive manifestations in my personal life and business within days here in Sedona, AZ! You were spot on what on what needed to be released and you facilitated that energetic release and healing! You are truely a Metaphysical Goddess! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts." ~ Kaycee

    "I had a remote Energetic Biofeedback session with Anna this week. With the full moon eclipses and Mercury in Retrograde, I felt a lot of dense energy in and around me. I have been meditating regularly now for about a year. I've never done a biofeedback session, so had no idea what to expect; I assumed it would be like a deeper meditation. However, the experience surprised me! The session itself was extremely relaxing, peaceful and positive. Anna's energy and voice are truly a gift and her authenticity to help improve the lives and vibes of others is obvious. I felt a bit dizzy afterwards - a lighter sensation, but also like I was vibrating at a higher rate. I felt more clear headed and positive. I really enjoyed receiving her insights afterwards of what she picked up on and felt clearing away. I would highly recommend a session with Anna! You won't regret it! " ~ Lisa

    "Wow! The healing session by Anna was incredible. It left me feeling relaxed, grounded and centered. A sense of calm and peace overwhelmed me after the session that was greatly appreciated. I also enjoyed Anna's after session feedback and insight from the healing session. The process was easy, convenient and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to raise their vibration to new heights. Thank you Anna." ~ Ron

    "I have been very fortunate to have a mutual colleague introduce me to Anna Marie. I watched her create some significant changes in the life of the person who referred me to her and I can say she was instrumental in assisting me to stay in the correct mindset to go through a major process in my life which many people find to be stressful and traumatic.

    It is rare today to find a should driven individual. When you do it is hard to not be attracted to their energy. Anna Marie has figured out her purpose and uses it to really help those who are open. If you are looking to improve your mental state, manage stress or eliminate past stressors; I would strongly encourage you to reach out to Anna Marie Blessing." ~ Clayton

    "Ok I must tell you because I believe you will understand it as most people won't. Thursday night my body and mind were full of negative energy some mine some other people's. I didn't think would be able to still it and sleep well. So I laid on my bed and turned on your meditation with no headphones just out loud. In the beginning it was a little challenging to relax. I just kept listening to you and following your directions. Next thing I know I kinda of awoke (I guess I went into deep meditation and didn't realize it) I without thinking about it pulled my knees up to the left side of my body and felt and heard a pop in my lower back. I instantly could breath better out of my left nostril. I have scoliosis so that spot on my lower back has been tight for years. I thought it was a bone. Guess not lol. It feels so much better now. When I looked down at my phone to see how long I had been listening (it felt like just a few minutes) it had been an hour and 29 minutes. So definitely my sub conscious received what you were saying but not my conscious lol. I also realized yesterday I can look all the way to my left turning my head. I haven't been able to do that in years either. I just thought it was something I was gonna live with because of my scoliosis. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I just thought I would share :)." ~ Nicole

    "I'd been "managing" my gut dysfunction, fatigue, brain fog, joint pain and muscle weakness on and off for years.

    I'd seen western medicine doctors, naturopaths and acupuncturists...all who were able to help with my symptoms, but not cure them at their source.

    Then I found Anna.

    Through biofeedback, she was able to pinpoint the issues and develop a tiered program of herbal supplements, therapy and spiritual development.

    This program not only alleviated me of my physical ailments within a few months, it helped me tackle some of the emotional issues I was barely aware of that were keeping me from being the best version of myself." ~ Jenn

    "Nothing short of a miracle, Tucson Biofeedback and Anna provided an avenue of breakthrough for pain and emotional baggage I had carried for well over 30 years. It was powerful work and incredibly beneficial. I have lived under a veil of pain that centered around what I will call "3 huge rocks" that I could not move. The work I did with Anna allowed me to become aware of the blockages, release the pain and begin living a transformed life. I have been restored in these areas and have increased vitality at work, the love of my life showed up and I am releasing weight effortlessly. It was definitely a predestined divine appointment and I am grateful and forever indebted to Anna for ushering me into the God given life I was supposed to be enjoying. In 90 days, she helped me release 30 years of struggle. As I stated nothing short of a miracle. Anna is a blessing, and all who come into contact with her will be blessed!" ~ Tracey B

    "I was completely stuck. Suffering from Thyroid symptoms, doctors telling me I was "normal" and nothing was wrong. I felt exhausted, helpless and miserable. I was searching for answers and came across Tucson Biofeedback and saw that they use different testing for Thyroid as well as Biofeedback Scans. I honestly was at the end of my rope so I booked an advanced appointment, I just went all in!

    I was absolutely blown away at the information the scan gave me. How it pinpointed and connected dots I had always felt but didn't know how to communicate. Anna is so gifted in taking the complexity of the cells, hormones, emotions, thyroid stuff and putting into information and words & steps that I could understand. I finally felt "understood" and saw a glimmer of hope. I have a long ways to go, but I have just started my journey with Anna and I cannot believe how much better I am feeling in just the 1st month!

    I would recommend Tucson Biofeedback and Anna for anyone suffering and looking for answers :)" ~ Best, Dina F

    "I have no idea how or why I used will power, when there is such an easier way!

    Before I started working with Anna Marie Blessing and Blessing Society I was feeling hazy, stuck and disconnected from myself. I had moments of depression and just really felt like I was not living "my life", if that makes any sense?

    I had an extremely successful career in Hollywood as a Child Star, and experienced all the Glitz and Glamour Hollywood had to offer which impacted me in far greater ways than I initially anticipated.

    When I started woking with Anna and had my 1st Biofeedback session, I immediately felt the effects. It began to open and release a lot of subconscious baggage I had been avoiding for awhile. My experience is honestly beyond words, but literally in a matter of weeks my entire life turned around.

    I am completely clear on who I am at my core, my goals in life. I am extremely conscious and empowered.

    As she continues to help me overcome each new "hurdle" there is always a bit of discomfort followed by a total immersion of peace, joy and excitement for where I'm at and where I'm going.

    I will probably have much more to add, and could go on for hours about the effects. My only recommendation is no matter where you're at, Anna and her Coaching & Biofeedback will Transform your Life in the best possible ways.... If you're ready. Shalom." ~ Edan Gross

    "I can't exactly put into words just how much Anna Marie Blessing has helped me heal! Today I feel like I have 10 times more energy than I have had in a long time! I have suffered from fibromyalgia, extreme fatigue, body aches, allergies, migraines and other issues for as long as I can remember. I'm excited to continue using the tools you have shown me to help me feel this energetic, light, and peaceful ALL the time! It has been about 4 days and I am still feeling better than ever! The Bio Feedback is crazy how spot on the reports are! I love how you go deep into your soul to cure the root of the issues you are having. I love how comfortable Anna makes you feel, as if you have known her your whole life! I HIGHLY recommended everyone to go see her.

    She teaches you how to be the best version of YOU and how to make your light shine bright! After you will start to see little miracles happen everywhere in your life! " ~ Meagan


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